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It’s 1980. Pacman is huge, a gallon of petrol costs 78p, Lamborghini Countachs adorn the walls of teenage boys up and down the country, my Father gives me a copy of the 1980 edition of the Observer’s book of Automobiles, and my lifelong passion for cars is ignited.

My formative years of motoring sees me loving Golf GTi’s, scrambling beneath oil-sodden VW Campers and crashing GT Turbos through the hedgerows of Cheshire.

Over the following years and decades, I developed into a fanatic collector of all manner of sports and classic cars, specialising in those cars that I coveted in that book some 40 or so years earlier.

Wizard Sports and Classics was founded to explore the possibility of sharing my passion with like minded individuals, buying and selling an eclectic selection of hand-picked cars, all of which have a commonality of being innovative, revolutionary or just plain cool.

With most cars bought primarily for my own collection, I ensure they all satisfy the standard of being the very best cars of their class.

Based in a barn in the beautiful Cheshire Plains, being friendly and straightforward are the cornerstones of the business, while great pride is taken in describing our cars accurately and fairly.

Have a scroll through our stocklist to see if anything appeals and check out our previously sold cars.

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