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Thump, Thump, Thump… The decline of the Big Thumper

Two awesome things happened this week.

Firstly, whilst browsing around the internet twiddling our thumbs we stumbled upon this excellent article by Adventure Rider. Turns out they were writing a piece about the XT500, and linked to one that we had for sale. Alas, that bike has long since sold, but that brings us on to the second awesome thing that happened this week…

We’ve got another XT500 in stock! This time it’s a 1979 Yamaha XT500, just waiting for you to kick start it and go.

This culturally significant bike is the quintessential ‘Big Thumper’, and the ideal candidate if you happen to have a time machine and plan heading back to the late 1970s on entering the Mint 400.

Incredibly cool, very hard to find and available to buy right now from Wizard Classics.

See the bike here

Read the article about the bike here