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1985 Mercedes-Benz 380SL for sale

Blue Black Metallic with Black Leather Interior

(Blue Black Metallic Hard Top and Black Fabric Soft Top)

65,187 miles

  • 3818cc V8 Engine
  • Single Overhead Cam
  • 201 bhp
  • 4 Speed Automatic Gearbox
  • Double Wishbones with Coil Spring Suspension
  • Disc Brakes All Round
  • Power Steering

The Mercedes-Benz R107 SL is a stalwart of the classic car scene, an all-rounder that is loved and appreciated by enthusiasts from all walks of life. As the ultimate symbol of wealth, status and style of the 1970s and 80s, these cars were long touted to increase in value, and increase they have over the last decade.

Production of the R107 spanned almost two decades, starting in 1971 and finally ending in 1989 when it was replaced by the much more advanced R129. For many, the R107 SL is the quintessential SL, the poster child and Hollywood star that everyone had to be seen in.

From 1971 to 1985 the SL was available as a six-cylinder (280SL) or V8 (380SL or 450SL and then 500SL).

For the last 3 years of production (1986 to 1989) Mercedes-Benz introduced some technical improvements. These included a a new range of engines (300SL, 420SL, 500SL, 560SL) and some cosmetic upgrades.

These later ‘post 86’ cars have stolen the limelight for the last decade, with buyers gravitating towards the modern look of the flat face alloy wheels and lower front spoiler of the post ’86 cars.

Thankfully a shift in taste has seen a renewed interest in the pre-86 cars.

With more understated styling the earlier cars have a classic charm. The lack of the front spoiler and smaller alloy wheels give these early cars an older look, whilst inside the cabin the feeling is still distinctly Mercedes-Benz. Large, comfortable seats, a large steering wheel, a lazy V8 engine and an automatic gearbox are all part of the SL charm, and charm is something this car has in spades.

About this Mercedes-Benz 380SL:

Originally sold by Chelsea Cars, this beautiful 1985 Mercedes-Benz 380SL was specified from new in the rare colour of Blue Black Metallic. Matched with full Black Leather and a Black Fabric Soft top.

It is one smart looking SL and a rare car to see in ‘Triple Black’ (body, interior, soft top). This is the ultimate R107 colour combination and is rare to find on both early and late cars.

The factory fitted rear leather seats and metallic paint would have been expensive options back in 1985, on what was an already expensive car.

For touring comfort there is also factory fitted cruise control, and a modern Parrot Bluetooth kit for hands free calling – a little better than the old fashioned fitted phones of the 1980s!

This is one very clean and tidy R107, showing very little signs of wear from it’s 30 year and 65,000 mile tenure on British roads. Crucially for an R107 the interior wood is all in excellent shape with no signs of cracking or peeling that is often found with these cars.

The detachable hard top is present, original to the car and finished in the same gleaming Blue Black. Many early R107s were fitted with a hard top in a contrasting colour, but for this car the hard top completes the ‘all black’ colour scheme.

Fitted with the factory correct option of ‘Mexican Hat’ Baroque Bundt Wheels, this early 380SL looks every inch the classic Mercedes-Benz. These lightweight alloy wheels were an optional alternative to steel wheels with painted chrome inserts, and gave the car a more sporting look – they suit the R107 SL perfectly.

Service and Maintenance:

A significant amount of paperwork and receipts are present with the car, detailing a lifetime of care and attention; all contained within a well organised folder.

The original service book shows services at the following mileage intervals:

64,511 miles
56,595 miles
33,413 miles
26,527 miles
24,739 miles
18,790 miles
16,984 miles
16,508 miles
11,900 miles
5,769 miles
1,124 miles

Most importantly the bulkhead has been professionally repaired by The SL Shop back in 2014. This is a vital area of attention for the R107. The SL Shop is well known for their comprehensive repair solution for this achilles heel of the R107.

A beautiful looking early style 380SL that is ready to be used, shown and enjoyed.

We will always consider interesting old cars in part exchange.

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