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MOT Expiry:
Exterior Colour:
Interior Colour:
Top Speed:
0 - 60:
AWD Auto
Engine Capacity:
Engine Configuration:
straight six


Jeep Cherokee Limited XJ Limited

What is it?

Born of an alliance between Europe and America, the Jeep Cherokee XJ (1984 to 2001) set the template for decades of Sport Utility Vehicles.

Designed by a team of Renault and AMC engineers, lead by the legendary Richard ‘Dick’ Teague, a ground-breaking monocoque body with ladder chassis rails incorporated was developed with European sales in mind right from the outset. Renault’s François Castaing had joined American Motors, and engineered a ground-breaking, compact powertrain for the new SUV.

A boxy, space-friendly design coupled to a capable chassis and powerful engines made for an ideal combination. All Cherokees are accomplished both on and off the road, with the 4-litre straight six offering the smoothest ride for day to day driving.

Being a car from the magical era before electronic trickery and EU regulated design ruined automotive aesthetics, the Cherokee XJ offers plenty of space on a small footprint. These small dimensions make it easy to live with – a car with American blood and European parking capabilities!

In recent years the Cherokee has been riding an unstoppable wave of increased popularity and soaring values. Finding good examples is extremely difficult, making this one a properly appealing wagon. The XJ is a real 4×4 icon, one of the few truly great cars… cars which become more relevant the older they get.


What’s it got?

Being a facelift Limited model this black Cherokee finished with sumptuous sand Leather interior is fitted with all the mod cons that the mums and dads of the late 90’s and early 2000’s would have cherished. Ice cold Air Conditioning, electronic Cruise Control, six-way Electrically Adjustable Seats, Driver and passenger airbags, original stereo with tape and CD multiplay,  Power Windows and Power Locks take care of the inside, whilst outside benefits from refurbished Alloy Wheels, New General Grabber AT Tyres and the all-important Integral Roof Rack for those mountain bikes, ski equipment, wind surfers or surfboards. It’s just that sort of car.


How does it drive?

Out on the road the Cherokee performs exactly as a Jeep Cherokee should. It’s not a Mazda MX5 but nor is it the Titanic, contrary to popular believe. The boxy design means it’s got all the benefits of interior space whilst being easy to park and manoeuvre, with plenty of power on tap from the accomplished six-cylinder engine.


Why this one?

The major selling point of this car is its ownership history, having enjoyed the company of one owner for the last 21 years showing 90,000 miles will all the annual servicing and maintenance undertaken from new painting a picture of a well-cared for family pet backed up by a super MOT history.


Back in 2000 not only would this have been an expensive car, but it was a choice selection. With a list price of £23,150 – (some £42,450 in today’s money) it was a discerning purchased who opted for a Cherokee Limited over the more humdrum alternatives. The original purchaser didn’t opt for a Volvo or a Land Rover, they went for a Cherokee… That decision could be yours to make. Why not take this Cherokee to offer it a new forever home? This Jeep is sure to be a loyal companion on the school run, on the family holiday and at the summer shows.


A delightful car to own and display, a usable practical classic and an up and coming car… according to all the magazines. Not that any of that matters once you’re in the seat, because all we have to do is get you there. It’s so darn comfortable you’ll just have to drive it home. This Cherokee is a true ‘youngtimer’ classic, and would make for a wonderful addition to any collection, fleet of cars or simply as a unique and cherished daily driver for the next lucky owner.


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