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Practical Classics – Why the new crop of Classic Car Buyers want Boxy 1980s Family Wagons…

At first glance, a game of Spot The Difference between these two cars isn’t going to be as challenging as The Times Crossword… You might think it’s more appropriate to play ‘spot the similarities’, but for the modern classic car buyer, the Jeep Cherokee has a lot more in common with an MGB than just four wheels…

A new crop of classic car buyers has emerged, looking for reliability and dependability along with classic car kudos and style. This new breed of buyers want cars that are iconic and cool without being mechanically overbearing. They don’t want to be under the bonnet every weekend, dealing with rust, struggling with steamed up windows and heavy steering and nowhere to put an iPhone…

If you see these cars as infinitely different, then we see them as hewn from the same rock.

Will they both attract crowds at a local classic car show?
Will they get admiring glances when you’re at your favourite watering hole?
Will they look appropriate in the car park at Le Mans, or Goodwood or Caffeine and Machine?
Can they transport you in comfort over long distances?

And now for the Cherokee fightback (pun intended)

Will it provide excellent heating for that winter break away?
Will the speakers provide ample coverage for your favourite road trip songs?
Does it have enough power to keep up with modern traffic and then some?
Does it have enough power to keep you entertained on a long journey?
Does it have enough space for your mates, your dog, your canoe?

If you’re struggling to understand the rise and rise of the modern classic, look no further than the cool lines, the practical usefulness and the rugged capability of a Jeep Cherokee XJ.

It’s an unselfish classic for the masses. You’ll love it.

Oh, the Cherokee is in our showroom. Check it out online.