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20200808 143512
MOT Expiry:
Exterior Colour:
Interior Colour:
Top Speed:
0 - 60:
5 Speed Manual
Engine Capacity:
Engine Configuration:
inline four cylinder


Volvo 240 Torslanda for sale

The icon from Norse mythology. The legendary Swedish brick.

Silver Metallic with Blue Cloth Interior

125,000 miles

About the Volvo 240:

The 760 GLE was supposed to succeed it in 1982 but the old car kept on selling. It was still available when the 850 arrived in 1992 but finally disappeared a year later. Traditional Volvo buyers still seek out the 240 as the cars seem to have been built to last just about forever.
RAC, 15th November 2005

Is this the ultimate classic estate? We think so, just as we wrote in our blog recently.

Rumour has it that if Thor had been around in the 1970s, he’d have part exchanged his hammer for a Volvo 240….

About this Volvo 240:

Silver Metallic with Blue Cloth Interior

125,000 miles

This car has been fully serviced from new, with recent work including the all important timing belt, water pump and the clutch.

Being a Torslanda, this car also enjoys heated seats, headlamp wash and wipe, central locking, rubber snow mats, high specification stereo and manually adjustable mirrors.

Also present with this car are the original dealer numberplates, a nice original touch on what is a very genuine car.

The proven B200F ‘Red Block’ engines are capable of astronomical mileage when well cared for, and we’re sure this car will go on to provide many years of reliable service for the new owner.

The most iconic edition of the most iconic estate car the world has seen to date.

Just lovely.

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