Sports and Classic Cars

Why it’s time to buy a retro, four-seat convertible

Let’s start this blog instalment with an imaginary game of Top Trumps. It’s Classic Car Top Trumps, cars from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

The cards are shuffled and split between the players, ready for the game to begin.

You pull the first card from your pile, flip it photo-side up and reveal… A Ferrari F355. Brilliant, you think. This is a clear winner.

The player opposite looks at their card – it’s his turn to call. You wait as the player opposite you surveys his card.

Any minute now he’ll call out ‘horsepower’ or ‘top speed’ or ‘engine size’, and you know full well you’re sitting on the quintessential Top Trump.

This is a done deal, you are going to win. He opens his mouth, and you start to grin….

top trumps

“How many people can your car comfortably take to that little classic car show down on the Green in August?”

What? Can he do that? This isn’t in the rules!

“On a scale of 1 to ‘well this is annoying’ how much attention will your car get if parked outside a pub on a summer evening”

Oh come on you can’t be serious! Can he really call like this? Where is the damn rule book!

“If the market took a minus 8% dive, how exposed would you be financially relative to the value of your car?”

At this point you’d probably slam the cards on the table and storm out, but your friend would have some very valid points.

There’s an important lesson here, and it’s a very simple one. The world doesn’t play by the Top Trumps rule book.

When the sun shines, the only thing that matters is that your classic car can transport you and your loved ones to the local show in style.

A Ferrari Dino is going to set you back £300,000. A MK1 Golf GTI Convertible can be had for less than £10,000.

This might go against everything the classic car industry is founded on, but is a Ferrari F355 £60,000 better than a MK1 Golf GTI Convertible?

Food for thought.

Ask yourself what boxes your classic car needs to tick?

Does it tick them? Great, what can you do to improve your classic car?

Does it come up short? What needs to change in your garage?

We are always looking to source and supply great quality classic cars. If you are looking to buy or sell a classic car, do get in touch – we’d love to help.

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